Top 25 Music Marketing Tips For Rappers

Top 25 Music Marketing Tips For Rappers 

Top 25 Music Marketing Tips For Rappers

Welcome to my new blog called Top 25 Music Marketing Tips For Rappers .  I'm creating this blog to help you get more plays for your music.

Good marketing will get you more plays than talent.  Start implementing these tips below.

Social Media Music Marketing Tips

1. Never Spam.  Spam  is annoying and simply does not work. Posting the same link in multiple Facebook groups all day is an example of spam.

2.Build relationships with people in music groups that are similar to you're genre.  If you make Boom Bap hip hop, find all the Boom Bap hip hop groups on Facebook and start conversations based around the music in the Facebook group.  Don't just go in a group posting links.  You may be marked for Spam.

3. Post interesting and high quality content that is timely and relevant to your followers/subscribers

4. Use hashtags on Facebook and Twitter to help increase interactions and engagement. 

5. Put ALL your music on Youtube. Make sure your video is optimized for a specific keyword.  Use TubeBuddy to help optimize your videos to get more view.

6. Youtube love consistency and they will reward you for it.  Post great content on a schedule (ex. every day, every week etc.).  Think of your Youtube channel like a Television show.  People are PROGRAMMED to come back and watch their favorite shows all the time.

7. Post engaging photos and ask questions for engagements.

8. Post from your Facebook page so you can check your analytics.  This will tell you the best times and content to post.

9. Start conversations with people that are in your niche. Use their  music as a conversation starter.

10 Use an app like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your post in advance on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

11. Do not tag 99 people on Facebook that you do not talk to regularly. You will be marked for spam.

12. 1 out of 5 post on social media should have your Website link. That's 20%.

Website Music Marketing Tips  

13. Start a website.  You can do anything you want with your own website without being banned like on sites like Facebook and Twitter. I recommend checking out Bandzoogle if you do not have a website yet.  This should be your central hub when people ask where can they find your music. 

14. When you start your own website,  make sure you add Google Analytics.  This will help you track how many potential fans are coming to your website.

15. Put a Facebook pixel on your website. This can help you market to people that have visited your website once before. 

16. After you set up your website make sure you start an email list to capture information from potential fans.  Imagine having 50,000 people on your email list that you could contact anytime you publish a new song.  You'll never have to worry about the changing algorithms of a social media website like Facebook, or Youtube. 

17. Make sure you update your website/blog every day/week with quality content.  This looks good in Google's eyes.

18. Make sure you place the most important information on the top of your website.  One thing I would suggest is putting your email signup form at the top of your site.

19. Make sure your merchandise has your logo and Website on it.

20. Sell things on your website like music, show tickets and merchandise on your website.  This will help you make some of the money back that you put out. 

21. Make sure your website is secure.  Secure websites will have a https:// in the front. 

22. Make sure that your website is mobile responsive.  This will make it easier for supporters to visit your site and have an enjoyable experience.  Plus Google loves Websites that are Mobile responsive.

23. Use forums like Rap Royalty to get honest opinions from other rappers and producers.

24. Put your email opt-in page link on all your social media bio pages

25. Go to a website like to hire somebody to make you a logo for your new website

26. Check out some e-books that can help your music career below.


Thank you for visiting my new blog Top 25 Music Marketing Tips For Rappers. You can download my Free PDF which has 80 Music Marketing Tips By Clicking Here.