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How To Promote Your Rap Music 

How To Promote Rap Music Online

How To Promote Rap Music Online

The last decade has seen the arrival of a wide range of digital platforms and applications that have dramatically changed the way we communicate. These offer a huge potential for performing artists when used properly. In this article, we will see the most important things hip hop artist can do via social media in order to develop a broad fan base.

The Basic Social Media Rules

The key factors of successful social media marketing are quality content, regular posts and communicating with your fan base.

Your content must be the best it can be. Make sure that your tracks are of high quality and that you have a constant flow of creative and fun images to post on Facebook and Instagram.

Broadcast your content on a regular basis in a drip drop fashion. It is much more efficient and powerful to post 1 track once a week for one month than 4 tracks at once.

Communicating with your fans on a regular basis will help to built a relationship and have them return. Respond to comments and partake in conversations. Communicating with industry leaders with allow you to forge important business relations and alliances.

The Mechanics of a Post

Your social media behavior should look like this:

Create your music >>> Post your music Soundcloud and Youtube >>> Post links of these tracks on your blog >>> Post your content on Facebook and Twitter >>> Follow and take part in the conversation >>> Post the same content at a later date

Note that you can posts links to any given song several times. For example, tweeting 20 times about one track within one month is fine.

Jab Jab Right Hook

The notorious social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s company manages social media marketing campaigns for huge accounts such a Coca-Cola, uses the mantra: jab-jab-right-hook.

This means that a business should be more focused on contributing advice, intelligence and content than selling something. Music should be seen as content, which brings pleasure in people’s life; it is therefore a Jab.

For how long should you be jabbing before performing a right hook?

During your initial year on social media, you should only be jabbing. Concentrate your efforts on posting your content letting your fans enjoy your music for free and developing your relationships.

Examples of Jabs and Right Hooks

Jabs: Posting music and photos. Contributing to other artists’ pages with constructive and positive comments. Giving advice to budding musicians.

Right Hooks: Asking strangers to follow you on social media. Asking people to buy your music.

Social Media and Content Sharing Platforms For Hip Hop Artists


The most important part of any social media marketing is your own blog.

A blog is a website which allows you to create posts on a regular basis and for readers to comment and use social media buttons to share your content on their own channels.

Facebook or Twitter may decide to close your account but your website is your digital real-estate and is the central element of your media tools.

It can also help you to demonstrate that you are a serious contributor to the artistic community.

You can open a free blog at Tumblr and Wordpress, the latter being by far the most popular blogging platform as well as the most respected.

For $18 a year, Wordpress will also provide you with your own domain name.


“The mother of all social media”, Facebook is not a mystery. Opening an artist fan page is essential.  You easily do this from your personal Facebook page.

Post links to your music and comment about your content and the industry at large. Always post an image with any content; we are visual beings and Facebook posts with a photograph or a graphic goes much further in terms of getting attention. Also post links from blog articles and online hip hop magazines. Stay relevant, positive and to the point.

Never & I mean never Spam another persons post with your music link.  Facebook is cracking down hard on people who do this.  Why risk being banned, don't spam!


Tweeting is now considered essential for business owners and artists.

Follow the Jab Jab Right Hook method with a strong focus on sharing news and info from your industry.

A dozen tweets a day will suffice at the beginning.  Follow only people who are in your industry or that you know personally. Be genuinely interested in the content of others and partake in conversations on a regular basis.


This image sharing platform is now a real power house in the world of social media.

Anything from 5 to 10 images per week is plenty. Comment and like other people’s images on a regular basis.

Soundcloud and Youtube

You need a pure content sharing platform in order to host your music.

Soundcloud is a music specific platform which is great to promote your content to music fans and share it with hip hop industry players.

Youtube aims more to be a video sharing platform but many musicians use it to present their work to the public at large.

Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat can also be used once you will have mastered the most important platforms.

It may all appear confusing and quite a bit of work, but the hardest part will be getting things started. Once your accounts are properly launched and your blog is active, the next task at hand will be to create and follow a schedule. Normally, you should spend an hour per day taking care of various aspects of your social media.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Good luck to you.

Jimmy Conway