Get Your music heard on spotify and more

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Welcome to my new blog called "Get Your Music Heard On Spotify & More".

Tips for getting more music streams.  Some tips may not be in the video

1. Build relationships with people on social media.  Post  videos that interact with your audience, like taking polls and having contest. 

2. Never spam your link.  People will most likely block you.

3.  Create videos daily. Even better create Facebook live videos.  Facebook will show your live videos to the most people. Tell your story in micro content, spread out over time.  This will get people to feel comfortable with you.  You buy from places your comfortable with right?

4.  It takes at least 7-10 times for a person to see you before they feel comfortable with you.

5.  If you're serious about your music career,  create T-Shirts with your logo and website on them.  Hand them out in your city.  This will give you a buzz around you and your brand.

6.  Spend money on Facebook ads to grow your fanbase faster.

7.  Growing your email list is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do.

8.  Create more videos for Youtube.  Spit a verse or 2 on video every couple of days. At the end of the video ask everyone watching to add your music to their Spotify playlist.  Make sure the 1st line in the description is a link to your songs on Spotify.

9. Same thing with Instagram.  Spit a verse every day on a hip hop beat. at the end of the verse ask everyone to listen to your song on Spotify & add your songs to their Playlist. Add your Spotify link in your bio.  

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