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AWeber Review And Tutorial 


Aweber Review and Tutorial

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Welcome to my new blog Music Marketing Tips And Strategies Part III.  In this blog I talk about the importance of rappers having an email list.

Why You Need An Email List

There are a few reasons why you need an email list for music marketing.  

The main reason you should have an email list is because YOU OWN the list.

It's great to build your social media brand too, but your email list is the most important.  

If Facebook or Instagram shuts down today, you will lose all the friends, you met.  

Collecting emails is the best way to establish a relationship with your fans. You own your email list forever.  

Having an engaged email list is also a great way to get traffic on tap.  

If you have a new song, merchandise, etc, sending an email broadcast can bring you tons of traffic at the push of a button

With Facebook, You can have a friends list of 5000 people.  Facebook will NOT show your post to all 5000.  

They may show 2% of the 5000 your post.  If that post starts to get engagement, Facebook will show your post to more people. 

How To Get Email Subscribers.

The easiest way to get fans to sign up to your email address is to give away something for free.

You can give away a free single, LP or EP.  Use your imagination to think about what you want to give away.

Just make sure it's something valuable and high quality. I strongly recommend you check out Aweber Email Marketing Service.

Send Email. Connect With Customers. Grow Your Business.

With AWeber, you get all the email marketing tools you need to create and send beautiful and engaging emails. For a behind-the-scenes look at how you can use AWeber, sign up to our Test Drive email series: