Loopcloud 6 How To Find Loops

Loopcloud 6 How To Find Loops  

Loopcloud 6 Review and Tutorial

Loopcloud Tutorial

Welcome to my Loopcloud 6 Review and Tutorial. Finding the perfect sound for your instrumental can be very time consuming.  In this video i show you how easy it is to find the perfect loops or one-shots for your project.

Loopcloud 6 Search Bar

The search bar in Loopcloud 6 is the easiest way to look for new sounds.  You can type in descriptive terms to narrow down your search like Instrument type, genre, company name, format, tempo and more.  Let's go into detail.

Instruments Tab

You can search for loops/sounds by instruments and sub instruments. For instance, You can look up Guitar loops or get more specific like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo etc.

This is a great way to search if you already know what instrument you're looking for. 

Genre Tab

You can also search for loops/one-shots by genres too.  You can search a main genre like Hip Hop You can also search its sub genres like Classic Hip Hop or Lo-Fi Hip Hop.

Labels Tab

You can also search by Labels.  Labels are the different companies that create these amazing sounding loops and one shot sound.

Format Tab

You can also search for sounds through the Format tab. Some of the most popular formats are wav, mp3, rex2 and Apple loops.

Search Sounds By Key 

You can search for audio loops and one shots by Key.  Let's say you start making an instrumental. You lay down a drum beat. You play a nice piano chord progression in the key of C.  (You can type Bass, Hip Hop, Loops, C)

Loopcloud 6 will show you all the Hip Hop Bass Loops in the key of C Major.  

Find Loops By Tonality

Another way you can find loops is searching by tone. 

  • Lows
  • Low Midrange
  • High Midrange 
  • Highs

This is a great way to find sounds to fill up some space in your mix.

Find Loops By Tempo

You can also kind loops by tempo. So if you want to find a loop between 85-110 BPM, it is easy to setup in the audio filter section.  Simply adjust the slider next to the BPM.

Find Loops By Length

Loopcloud 6 allows you to find sounds/loops by length. you can choose anywhere from.  You can choose a length between  60ms and 60 seconds. 

Find Loops by Swing

Looking for a loop with some swing?  Go to the audio filter on the right hand side. Scroll down ti the swing slider under the BPM slider. Adjust the swing between 0-100. 

Search By Rhythmic Density

You can also search loops by Rhythmic Density. This will determine how simple or complex your loop will be.  Adjust to taste and hit search.

Matching Loops

In Loopcloud 6, there are 3 ways to find loops and sounds that go together.  Each loop has a Match button. It looks like a ying & yang sign.  

When you click the match button you get 3 options:

  • Find Harmonic Matches
  • Find Rhythmic Matches
  • Find Similar Sounds

Loopcloud 6 uses Jamahook AI to find these similar matches.  Remember Loopcloud has over 4 million sounds.

Favorite Sounds

When you find sounds you like, save them for use later on. Click on the heart shaped button to save your sound to your Favorite folder.

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Loopcloud Editing Loops

Watch my next video below and learn how to edit your favorite loops in Loopcloud 6

Drag Tool

The drag tool lets you drag an audio file back and fourth on the editing time line.

Scissor Tool

The scissor tool lets you cut your loop up into different sections.  Use this in conjunction with the drag tool for optimal performance.

Slip Tool

The slip tool allows you to move audio back and fourth within a cut slice. This is great for crating stuttering fx. and more.

Watch video #2 & learn how to use all these effects.  

Mute Tool

The mute tool allows you to mute/silence different slices in your loop. 

Reverse Tool

The reverse tool lets you reverse any slice in your loop.

Pitch Tool 

The pitch tool allows you raise or lower the pitch os each slice in your loop in semi tones.

Thank you for checking out my Loopcloud 6 Review and Tutorial.   Watch the video & learn how to find sounds in Loopcloud 6. Click any link in this blog to sign up to Loopcloud using my affiliate link