Kanye West Type Hip Hop Instrumental - So Naughty 

Kanye West Type Hip Hop Instrumental - So Naughty

Welcome to my new Kanye West type hip hop instrumental called So Naughty. 

What Genre Is This Kanye West Type Beat?

This is a soulful hip hop beat with chorus.

What is The Instrumental Structure?

This hip hop beat has an 8 bar intro,16 bar verse, and 8 bar chorus.

What Is The Tempo Of This Hip Hop Beat?

The tempo of this Kanye West Type Hip Hop Instrumental is set to 95.

What Software Did You Use?

I used FL Studio 8 to make this Kanye West Type hip hop instrumental. 

Who Can You See On This Hip Hop Beat?

I can see Kanye West, Little Brother, Ghostface, Killah, Skyzoo, or Cassidy on this hip hop beat. 

Is This Kanye West Type Hip Hop Instrumental Downloadable?

Yes. Anyone can download this instrumental by clicking the Buy button on the player below this 

Do You Have Anymore Hip Hop Beats Like This?

Yes. I have a wide variety of hip-hop instrumentals on my website. 
Click here to listen now.

is There A Story Behind This Instrumental?

Yes.  I always wanted to make a hip hop beat that was influenced by  to Kanye West Instrumental "Through The Wire".  This is one of my favorite instrumentals all time.  

So I started with the same source/artist that Kanye sampled which is Chaka Khan.

One day i was digging in the crates for records at my local Salvation Army. I seem to pick up a lot of sample gems there.

I bought a batch of only 10 records that day.  One of them was this Mid-Uptempo Chaka Khan sample.

I remember recording the record through my audio interface into FL Studio 8.  

FL Studio 8 had a new chop feature I wanted to try out.  So I used it on the intro to this beat.

Next I chopped the different sections of the song that i wanted to use. Once chopped i sequenced all the parts i chopped up.

Next I put all my different patterns into song mode. Then I mixed the beat to make it sound good.

This is one of my top played hip hop beats.  Can you see yourself on this beat?  Download it today.

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Yes! I will help promote your music on my websites' Music Page. I will interview you so people so people can connect with you and your brand. 

 I will also help you promote your song on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any hip hop music forums i'm apart of.


I want to thank you for visiting my blog Kanye West type hip hop instrumental called So Naughty.

I hope you like this rap instrumental.  I look forward to hearing what you sound like over this beat.

Drop a comment below on this blog and let me know what you think.